The Personal Statement

Given that the personal statement is your first opportunity for you to present yourself to a prospective medical school it is imperative that you give as good an impression as possible. The Medicas Programme will go a long way towards helping you achieve this through a number of exercises that will ensure that you are structuring your personal statement akin to other successful personal statements. The programme will also reveal what has inspired applicants in the past, how they have made a commitment to medicine and what makes them an ideal applicant for medical school.

But, most important of all, the Medicas Programme will give you FREE access to over 40 successful personal statements for you to draw upon when writing your own personal statement.

All of our personal statements come from medical students who are currently at UK medical schools or working as Doctors throughout the NHS. You will receive a profile of each personal statement, breaking it down according to a number of key points. This includes points of inspiration, evidence of a commitment made to medicine, and what makes you an ideal candidate for medical school.

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Successful Personal Statements

Get instant access to successful personal statements to assure you that you are right on track with what the Medical School admissions councils are looking for.