Free Work Experience Logbook

One of the key elements of increasing your chance of making a successful personal statement is ensuring that you have compelted some relevant work experience. Now, this can be in a GP surgery, your local hospital, a hospice, or even helping out the paramedics at a late summer gala event. As long as it involves getting some kind exposure to patients¬† directly alongside with your exam grades and UKCAT score you’re fulfilling the most important element of your personal statement and well on your way to getting a medical school seat.


download_link_blackTo ensure that you’re getting the most out of your placement you can download the free Workplace Logbook here to record your experience and give yourself something to refelct upon when preparing your statement and for your interview. To really put you up there with the best candidates this workbook is best used in conjuntion with the Medicas Programme which will prepare you for all aspects of the medical school admissions process. In addition why not consider entering the Medicas competition to not only win some great prizes but also prove that you can comepte with the best candidates and win, something that will be expected of you throughout medical school if you are to get out alive.