About Us

Hi there, I’m Dr. Ranjita Howard and founder of Medicas.org.uk.

I started Medicas on the back of having countless friends and family who were becoming frustrated at the absence of help and support for when doing their medical school applications. Their strains were only further bamboozled by the advent of the UKCAT entrance examination which made it even more difficult for those not in the know to make a competitive medical school application. 

Sure, there are very expensive weekly workshops which involve travelling half way across the country for but these are only convenient for those who can afford it. Moreover, many of these workshops expect candidates to absorb a tremendous amount of information in such a short space of time without allowing for people to digest such at their own pace.   

To me the obvious answer was an affordable online programme that could instruct candidates on all aspects of the application process, and allow candidates to do so in the comfort of their own homes and in their own time. However, to my disbelief, there was at the time absolutely nothing of the kind, unless of course you're again prepared to spend hundreds of pounds. 

And that’s when it got me thinking, if there was no affordable online platform for assisting medical school candidates with their application, isn’t it about time there was one?  

And, with that, Medicas.org.uk was formed. With the support of NHS England who recently awarded me a Clinical Entrepreneur Fellowship it is hoped that Medicas will not only provide applicants with helpful resources at a low cost but also hopefully help with the recruitment crisis that the medical profession is currently facing.

Indeed, it is important now more than ever that as many people as possible are encouraged to apply to medical school within the UK and I truly hope that Medicas will show you that Medicine is the right career for you and that our programme will serve you well through your application and help you join the rest of us who are enjoying what is the most invaluable and rewarding profession in the world.

Good luck and thanks for choosing us.

Dr Ranjita Howard BSc (Hons) MBBS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow

Founder - Medicas.org.uk