Ever dreamt of being a Doctor?

With only about one in ten applicants actually getting into medical school, you need to be totally prepared in all aspects of the admissions process. With the Medicas Application programme which will guide you through all aspects of the application you will indeed give yourself the best chance of making that successful application.

The Medicas Programme

Get access to several units that will guide you through all phases of the med school application.

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Personal Statements

Get instant access to a collection of successful personal statements.

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Get access to a bank of exclusive UKCAT questions to help you boost your exam score.

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The Medicas Programme

The purpose of the Medicas Programme is to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to ensure that you can successfully navigate yourself through the medical admission process. Sign up now to get access to the full programme and give yourself the best chance of getitng that medical school seat!

The Medicas Competition

Check out our monthly competition to win some great prizes!

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FREE Work Experience Logbook

Check out our Free Work Experience Logbook to help navigate yourself throught your placement.

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Medical News

Catch up with all the current Medical News to keep you up date with the goings on within the medical industry.

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  • One in three heart attack cases 'misdiagnosed'
    BBC News reports a "third [of people] given wrong initial heart attack diagnosis", while The Sun makes the totally unsupported claim that "Doctors miss heart attacks in women 'because they expect victims to be fat, middle-aged men'." These headlines are based on a study that analysed a database containing information about nearly 600,000 people in […]

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